You will be assisted by our Lead Designer and our Project Manager throughout the duration of your time with us. By setting expectations for our process in the beginning, we can ensure the best possible service and outcome.

Proposal of Hours

After your initial consultation, our team will begin researching the scope of your project to create a budget of hours. This will be included in your proposal in phases: CAD and Selections. We use this guideline throughout the process. Once the initial invoice is paid, we begin working on your design project.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

In order to create an accurate CAD template for your project, we will walk through the space and take measurements. It usually takes our designers a few weeks to create these digital drawings depending on the scope of your project. Once those are created and approved by you, we will move on to the selections phase.


Our design team will choose colors, paints, fabrics, seating, lighting, and other features, and create product presentations for your approval. Now you get to see your project come to life, especially if you opt for 3D renderings at an additional charge. Once all selections have been approved, we will begin the ordering process.

Standard lead time for in-stock items is approximately 4 weeks, but can span as much as 15 weeks or longer for custom pieces. All construction and renovations should be completed during this time to prepare the space for transformation. After we have received all of your items and they are ready to be placed, we will arrange an install date.

Schedule of Payments

In order to stay on track and within your desired timeline, we ask that proposals are reviewed and approved promptly. Each approved proposal will generate an invoice. Once payment is received, we begin that portion of your project.