Overview of Design Process

You will be assisted by our Lead Designer and Project Manager throughout the duration of your time with us. We will guide, support, and manage the project from conception through construction and completion. By setting expectations for our process in the beginning, we can ensure the best possible service and outcome.


Proposal of Hours

After your initial consultation, our team will evaluate the scope of your project to create a detailed proposal of hours. The hours cover the different elements of design that make up your project as a whole, including CAD, 3D Modeling, Finishes and Furniture, and Project Management. We begin working on the first phase of your project upon receipt of the hours invoice deposit.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

An on-site measure will be required in order for the team to create an accurate CAD drawing of your space, which may include 2D furniture plans, elevations, lighting plans, and details. Depending on the scope of your project, scaled 3D models are created as well. The plans, mood boards, and initial design concepts are presented to you and once approved, we move into the design selections phase.

Design Selections

The design team brings your project to life through their selections of furnishings, finishes, lighting, and custom concepts. We present the cohesive groupings via digital presentations and actual finish samples for your approval. Once your selections have been finalized, we begin the ordering process.

Standard lead time for in-stock items is approximately 4-8 weeks, but can span as much as 14 weeks or longer for custom pieces and manufacturing. All construction and renovations are typically completed during this time to prepare the space for transformation. After all your items have been received at our warehouse, we will arrange an installation date.

Schedule of Payments

In order to stay on track and within your desired timeline, we ask that proposals are reviewed and approved promptly. Once you approve a proposal, it generates an invoice for payment. Once payment is received, we begin that portion of your project.