We are excited to be back in the office collaborating (safely) with our team members, clients, and industry partners. Having a brand new office makes it even better. Our new location is still in the heart of Frederick, at 31 E. Patrick Street, a bustling cross street of our old North Market Street location.

Before and After of our new office exterior!

Aside from sharing our new address, we’ll also be sharing the transformation of our office space. According to old tax documents, the structure itself was built in 1890, and was originally used as a carriage house. We loved the historic feel of it, and have updated the space to a modern interior design firm, with an open floor plan and high ceilings. With a good cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, and sleek signage, the space began its transformation. 

Photo Left: Before photo of the interior of this historic building. Photo Right: A fresh coat of paint, and cleaning to the concrete gives new life to this great open space.

We have moved in and look forward to sharing our new workspace, showcasing the furniture and lighting in place. You can find it in our upcoming Part 2 of this blog series. We are currently meeting clients in person or via video conference. Are you ready to start your new design project? We can assist you from project conception and through construction. We’re also offering e-design services for a fully digital design experience. 

Chris and the design team are excited for what’s to come… stay tuned!

One of the perks of working from home is that you can tailor your space to fit your style. Your home office should be a space that inspires creativity and productivity at the same time. When designing your office, keep in mind that this is your workspace, so you want to keep focus on professionalism. While the home office is dedicated to work and efficiency, you also want to feel energized and “at home” in this space. There are ways to individualize your office while keeping it functional, the trick is to not go overboard with decorative and personal items.


1. Visual Reminders. Add a calendar, bulletin board, or dry erase board near your desk. You can post anything from today’s to do list and reminders, to long term goals. Stay inspired by adding your favorite motivational quote and photos or postcards that are meaningful to you.

2. Stay Organized. It is important that you assign the essentials a designated place in your office space: think business cards, pens, paper and files, folders, sticky notes, etc. that you’ll need within reach. By using creative containers for these essentials, you can achieve a customized look while keeping organized. For example, repurpose a vintage mug to hold pens and pencils, or select binders and boxes with colors, patterns and textures that fit your style.

Photo Right: This office adds personalized touches while keeping neat. The monochromatic color scheme of the storage, wall art, furniture and rug are energized by live plants.

3. Avoid Clutter. Keep your workspace clear for a clear mind. Avoid stacking books and papers. Allow your computer to have a designated space on your desk. Be intentional about the decor you choose to display, and allow enough breathing room on your shelves and wall spaces. Empty spaces have a positive effect as they create balance.

4. Liven Up! Enhance and personalize your work space by adding plants. They radiate energy and life, and promote healthy air. The increased oxygen levels can lower stress and improve productivity. To personalize your foliage, add an interesting vase.

Photo Left: Smart personalization by using paint color, a bulleting board, good storage and plants.


5. Elevate Your Walls. Add wall art for inspiration, personalization, and color. Display your achievements on the walls such as diplomas, accreditations, and awards as a reminder of what you’ve accomplished, and inspiration towards your next goal. You can add a few personal pictures as well, but keep them tasteful and limit how many you use. After all, remember this is a work space and the focus should be on productivity and professionalism.

6. Add Flair To Your Floor. Rugs are a great way to define a space and personalize it. Not only is it a great opportunity to incorporate colors and designs, but also serves the function of sound absorption which can promote concentration.

Photo Right: This office adds personalized touches while keeping neat. The monochromatic color scheme of the storage, wall art, furniture and rug are energized by live plants.

The design and function of your office greatly affects how you think and feel. The items that are used daily should be the only items visible on your desk. The occasional items should be easily stowed away and out of sight, but easily accessible. Your home office should be a carefully curated space that expresses a combination of your personality and goals. By adding personal touches thoughtfully, you can achieve the perfect home office to fit your needs and showcase your individuality.

Photo Left: Personalization for a digital world. If you don’t require physical storage, you still want to be thoughtful on how to fill your space with decor. Photo Right: Even in a small office space, it’s still possible to personalize. Note the art and the empty space that has been left to achieve balance.