Zoltan Design Co. designed our dream cabin in the mountains with the help of our architects. We started with just an undeveloped lot, and we wanted to build something modern, but with a warm, tradition feel. From the beginning, Zoltan Design Co. was a huge part of the full design and architecture of this dream cabin. We used as much glass as possible throughout the home so that we would still feel like we were in the woods at all times. The warmth of the home is just like its furniture. The leathers and fabrics chosen give us a warm and comfortable feeling every time we use the cabin with our friends and family. We call it our “Forever Lodge” because it will forever give us love, peace, and happiness.

“Thank you so much Zoltan Design Co. for your forward thinking designs and all the hard work you and your team put into this very special project, amazing job!”
– Harold & Susan