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Here at Cochran’s Lumber, we love seeing a good ‘Before and After’ renovation from our clients! The recent renovation of the iconic Bavarian Inn in historic Shepherdstown, WV may just be the best we have seen this year. Boldly designed by our friends at Frederick, MD based Zoltan Design Co., the inn was transformed from a dark, out-of-style space into a polished, comfortable bar, lounge, and eating area. Complete with flooring to ceiling windows, a glass-enclosed brewery, and of course our classic Antique Oak Distressed flooring, Zoltan Design Co. delivered not only a functional dining space but also a wow factor that patrons will enjoy for many years. Prost!

Below: Bar/Lounge Before

Above: Bar/Lounge After


“The Bavarian Inn project was special because its design work was a combination of remodeling existing components, as well as the addition of a brand new, adjoining brewery and brewpub buildings. The location has a rich history and called for materials that would balance a fresh, updated look, while still being transitional and in line with the character of the building.

We selected Antique Oak, distressed in varying widths and lengths for flooring. It has a worn character and weathered look, displaying its history in every bit of patina and imperfection. The same wood floor runs from the remodeled bar area into the new brewpub seating area, blending the old and new spaces seamlessly.

The bar area now displays more modern furniture, with bright nailheads and mirrored backsplash tile, providing a beautiful balance to the existing stone walls and rich, history-filled, Antique Oak floor. The same layering effect is seen in the new brewpub area with its incredible architecture of wood beams against modern antique silver pendants; and the new modern furniture against the weathered Antique Oak floor. Overall, the Inn has received a new, updated look without compromising its story – the story and charm that makes this place special to many of its patrons and will for years to come.”

-Christopher Zoltan Ritchie, Creative Director and Founder of Zoltan Design Co.