Custom Sliding Barn Doors

August 25, 2017

Barn Door Benefits

Custom sliding barn doors are a signature project at Zoltan Design Co. The distinctive, upscale look is a stylish solution for cramped spaces while doubling as a beautiful piece of wall art. When a client considers space-saving options but also has a desire to create a chic atmosphere, custom sliding barn doors are a ZDC interior design staple for three reasons:

1. Elegance and timelessness

Nothing serves as a better focal point than a sliding barn door. Mixing the right door with the right colors throughout the space makes décor express itself in all the right places. Zoltan Design’s custom craftsmanship will give a barn door the character it needs to stand out, which explains why it’s one of the most popular accent pieces in interior design.

Customize your barn doors with your choice of hardware. This Zoltan Design Co. project at is an upscale solution for small spaces.

2. Functionality that is outside of the ordinary

This style choice is an elegant way to save space due to its sliding function. For instance, this feature is creatively used to conceal laundry rooms or to hide electronics during entertaining. A custom sliding barn door is used in a multitude of ways to keep your home functional while embracing glamor and comfort.

Custom sliding barn doors can hide and reveal large spaces in your residential or commercial space.

3. We have a passion for authenticity

Zoltan Design’s custom sliding barn doors are authentic and American-made. One of our greatest passions is working with wood, which is why we created BARN, our line of custom furniture and barn doors. It is a privilege to carefully select recycled beams, barnwood and building materials from all over the country to craft beautiful pieces for our clients.

See examples of Zoltan Design Co.'s custom barn door installations.

Zoltan Design’s Custom Sliding Barn Doors

Christopher Ritchie, Creative Director, is one of the area’s most sought-after talents, working with clients from concept to completion. As one of our most in-demand projects, each barn door is unique, refined, and exquisitely curated for your space. Our custom sliding barn doors adorn clients’ walls as pieces of art to elevate elegance in their home. From the historic wood, to the details of the carefully crafted nail heads, Zoltan crafts a piece that reflects refined tastes.

As part of ZDC’s trademark style, the barn doors are American-made and homegrown. These storied pieces celebrate old world vintage with wood that originates from 19th-century barns across the country. Once the high-quality wood is salvaged, it is reclaimed into the lavish design that suspends in a home.

The Process

Once the space is evaluated, clients receive detailed drawings, and CAD (computer-aided design) drawings, which reveals realistic 3-D layouts of a barn door before the installation process begins. Although each project is highly individualized, a custom sliding barn door will enter its final phase in six to eight weeks.

As part of this delicate process, Zoltan Design Co.’s team works with our clients throughout design and manufacturing, all the way to installation. With the ability to choose from a variety of hardware and brackets, as well as the option to incorporate glass, we create a personalized piece to enhance your essence. If you’re interested in learning more about custom sliding barn doors or if you would like to request a consultation, please contact us today.

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