Christopher Zoltan Ritchie talks to the Washington Post about his picks for a quick room refresh

Christopher Zoltan Ritchie was recently featured in an article for the Washington Post. This is part of a series in which they ask top designers and other tastemakers to share their favorite products from one store and how they would use them.

Interior designer Christopher Zoltan Ritchie has long been drawn to the clean lines and bold colors layered over neutrals that are hallmarks of mid-century modern design. So when we asked him to take us shopping (virtually, of course), West Elm felt like a natural choice. “I’m heavily into mid-century modern, and they have a great mid-century modern line that is reasonably priced.”

Chris gives his ideas for what to do if money is tight but you’re still craving change, such as; swapping out pillows, throws, art, lighting or vases.

“If people are looking for that change, you can do it on a budget,” says Ritchie, who adds that he keeps two sets of throw pillows around and swaps them out seasonally to keep his own home feeling fresh. “If you get sick of something, make a change. Don’t be afraid to switch it around.”

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